HIPP Training

HIPP is based at Northeastern University and is a partnership among five Northeastern
affiliates. HIPP has created a first-of-its-kind training curriculum to educate police officers about
racially-based historical injustices in the United States and the role of law enforcement. The
materials are drawn from cases investigated by the Civil Rights & Restorative Justice Project (CRRJ)
at the Law School. CRRJ has collected previously unavailable materials and oral histories on
hundreds of cases involving lynching or police killings from the Jim Crow era. The CRRJ Archive
holds the richest collection on historical racial violence and policing in the country.
HIPP seeks to generate deeper awareness of the dynamics and legacy of historical racial
violence, thereby promoting trust between law enforcement professionals and the communities they
serve. The HIPP training materials include a detailed outline for instructors, a slide presentation for
use in classroom instruction, and a comprehensive toolkit that provides additional context and case
studies. The materials cover the following topics:
 Historical racial violence and the role of law enforcement, including historical case studies
and more recent examples;
 Intergenerational trauma, collective memory, and the impact of this history on police-
community relations today; and
 Restorative justice: how police departments and individual officers can take actionable steps
to acknowledge and redress the ongoing legacies of this history.
The HIPP Project is supported by an esteemed advisory board comprised of several police and
community leaders, including police chiefs from Boston, Cambridge, Houston METRO, LaGrange, GA,
and Stockton, CA. The advisory board members have contributed their time and expertise to review and
provide feedback on the HIPP materials.
In 2020, Cambridge (MA) Police Commissioner Branville G. Bard, Jr. invited HIPP to offer our
training materials as part of the Department’s annual in-service mandatory training. HIPP delivered the
training to nine groups of officers in the Department. HIPP also presented the training to new recruits at
the Cambridge/Northeastern Police Academy in Spring 2020. Of our training program, Commissioner
Bard observed that the HIPP Project featured “comprehensive, fact-based research about this history” and
helped officers “develop a deep understanding of the continuing legacy of historical racial violence.”

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